Graz’ best gelato: Gelateria Italiana by Luis

Location: Südtirolerplatz 16, 8020 Graz

In summer, Austria can be a pretty hot place. In order to cool down, the locals in Graz love to go out for ice cream. With its numerous ice cream shops, the city can offer everyone an ice cream flavor they like. But how can one decide where to get the sweet, cold treat? To help you out, I made it my mission to try every single ice cream shop in Graz! This post is my first report, and features my favourite gelateria: Gelateria Italiana by Luis. With its three locations in Graz, there is seems to be a ever-lasting supply of delicious, Italian ice cream. Not only are the gelati delicious, they also come in over 40 flavours! I guarantee you, there’s a flavor for every taste. The only Italian ice cream shop in Graz, the shop also serves freshly-brewed cappuccino and authentic Italian sweets. You can either get your order to go, or enjoy it at one of their little tables located both inside as well as outside, at the front of the shop. The ideal location of the biggest of the three gelato shops invites costumers to sit and relax while enjoying some delicious treats on Graz’ beautiful Südtirolerplatz.


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