Coffeeshop Series: il Cafè Graz

Location: Murgasse 7, 8010 Graz
Current opening times: MON-SAT 06:30-19:00, SUN 09:00-18:00

As part of my new coffee series, I’d like to recommend a coffee shop in Graz: il Cafè Graz. Since it opened around 1.5 years ago, it’s become one of my favourite places to hang out and enjoy some delicious coffee at. Especially their friendly service and the vast variety of different coffee-based beverages immediately gained my attention. In addition to coffee, tea and housemade lemonades, il Cafè offers a wide variety of snacks and sweet pastries to enjoy with your beverages. Customers can easily choose their preferred order at the self-service bar. The shop offers alternatives to normal milk: I always order their cappuccino with almond milk. What I also really like about the shop are their sustainable alternatives to the regular disposable cup. Not only do they sell cute, eco-friendly bamboo cups directly in their shop, you can also get a discount on your beverage if you bring any reusable cup. In my eyes, this is a really nice approach to get costumers to live a bit more sustainable and, in a way, reward those who try to enjoy a nice cup of coffee to go without harming the environment.

The coffeebar’s indoor space is equipped with comfy chairs, benches and cute little tables to enjoy your coffee at. The coffee-related quotes on the walls inside and outside, well-chosen decor items and plants add a cozy feeling to the shop’s interior. 
The coffeebar is centrally located in the Murgasse, which leads to the main square of Graz. The shop’s little outside seating space is located on the other side, the beautiful Franziskanerplatz. The coffee shop can be entered from both sides, which is very convenient. It’s especially nice to sit outside in summer since you can enjoy a cold-brewed or iced coffee drink while enjoying the sun outside. I love meeting up with friends and hanging out there when the weather’s nice. I hope you liked my first coffeebar recommendation, and stay tuned for the next one!  


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