Travelling to… Ibiza, Spain

¡Hola! to my first blogpost on travelling! The Spanish island Ibiza is well-known for its high-end hotel, shows and concerts featuring international stars and its crazy nightlife. But there’s more to the island than getting drunk on tropical cocktails and partying until sunrise: beautiful beaches, scenic bays and the turquoise sea are guaranteed to make visitors feel like they are in paradise. You can relax at the beaches all day, explore the small cities or shop in tiny boutiques when you’re on the island.

The old town of Eivissa, Ibiza’s main city, reaches from the Harbour up to a medieval castle that towers over the city. Those who brace the steep walk up the hill (which can be pretty exhausting when it’s +40°C outside) are rewarded with a marvellous view on the city’s Harbour and the landscape of Ibiza’s main land. While the castle, known as Castillo de Eivissa, can be explored from outside it’s not allowed to go into the fortress. Around the castle, its citadel now serves as a free outdoor museum which provides visitors information about the city’s past. It’s easy to let the mind wander and think about a time long ago when Ibiza was still ruled by the Arabs. Especially charming are the street musicians who locate themselves in the streets and alleys around the citadel to fill the air with their beautiful music.

The Castillo de Eivissa

If the walk up to the castle was exhausting and you need a little break from the sun’s heat, small coffee shops and nice, local Restaurants can be found all over the old part of the town. One cafè I especially liked is the s’Escalinata. With its location at some old staircase, which serves as the outside seating area of the cafè, it provides a nice view on the city below. But there are many more beautiful spots and cafès you can check out, enjoy some drinks or food and relax at.

Another fun thing to do on the island is to check out the small boutiques and street market stands that are located all over the old part of the town. Colourful summer pieces, elegant night clothes and pretty shoes can be found in these boutiques. On the market stands, artisanal decor items, jewellery and local food and snacks can be purchased. In addition, the island is home to one of the world’s biggest hippie markets. The two biggest of These markets are the Punta Arabí market in Es Caná, which opens every wednesday, and the Las Dalias market in San Carlos, where you can shop every saturday. I checked out the Las Dalias hippie market and can really recommend to check it out. The numerous market stalls are full of colourful items in hippie style. Here you can easily add some vintage pieces to your own wardrobe or find unique presents for friends and family at home.  

The Las Dalias hippie market

For those who don’t want to shop or do sight seeing all day, Ibiza’s beaches and bays provide some perfect locations to relax and soak up the sun. The numerous bays are perfect for reading books or engaging in some water sports in the skyblue water. The picturesque bays can be reached by bike, with rented scooters or rental cars. Since many travellers prefer to stay at their hotel’s private beach, the small bays are often very quiet with no other people around. I loved hanging out there since I got to relax at what felt like my own private bay. I highly recommend exploring Ibiza’s less frequented spots in order to find a nice beach to spend the day at.

After a relaxing day at the beach, Ibiza’s night clubs offer a huge variety of different shows, concerts, parties and other events. It’s not easy to decide which location to choose, since there is so much going on every night! Internationally known DJs and famous Entertainers perform every night in Ibiza. Stars like Avicii, David Guetta or DJ Antoine perform in Ibiza’s clubs. Tickets for most shows are expensive, but relatively easy to get. You can either purchase them online beforehand or get them from various street sellers and bars in Ibiza on the day of the show. Some bars even offer special deals for those who buy the tickets at their bar: cheaper or even free drinks await those who are willing to buy their tickets on the day of the event. If you’re considering doing this, make sure to compare multiple sellers’ prices and offers to get the best value for your money. The most famous clubs are the Ushuaïa, the Amnesia and the De Pacha.

Those who are still looking for a hotel in Ibiza might want to check out the Iberostar Santa Eulalia. I stayed at this hotel for 4 nights and absolutely loved it. The rooms were really pretty and I also liked the location of the hotel. It’s situated in a quieter region, about 15 minutes by car from Eivissa. The good part about this is that there are less people who just want to party all night, so it’s a lot more relaxed than hotels near the cities and the beaches are nicer. The hotel’s pools and private beach with sunbeds and a beach bar are perfect for enjoying Ibiza’s hot summer weather. The hotel’s restaurant offered an amazing breakfast and delicious local and international dishes at the dinner buffet. I’d definitely stay there again on my next trip to Ibiza.

I really hope you liked my little overview of Ibiza. In case you’ve already been to the island, I’d love to hear about your favorite spots! If not Ibiza, what’s the next travel destination on your list? Thanks for reading and ¡Adiós!


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