Coffeeshop series: Barista’s Graz

Locations: 7 locations around Graz
Current opening times: vary by location

Hey everybody! As you may remember, I recently started a project called coffee shop series where I talk about my favorite coffee shops in Graz. You can read the latest post by clicking here. Today I decided to introduce my favorite coffee shop chain: Barista’s. Before I moved to Graz I had never heard of these cafès, but when you’re in Graz there’s just too many of the cute and comfy little coffee shops to not try them out. I think the first Barista’s I’ve had coffee at is the one on Franziskanerplatz – since I was exploring the old part of the city, I stumbled across the cafè and decided to give it a try. And I really liked it from the start. While Barista’s is not really a hidden secret in Graz but rather well-known, I thought I’d still write a bit about it since I really love these coffee shops.

What I like most about the Barista`s shops is that they take coffee seriously. A vast choice of warm and cold brewed beverages, different blends and roastings are guaranteed to make every coffee lover happy. On top of that, the Barista`s coffee is organic and certified as fair-trade coffee. What’s exciting is that you can also enjoy the Barista’s blends at home – they sell their coffee specialties as well as their teas in all of their locations. I personally love their Houseblend that combines coffee beans from Guatemala and Brazil. For those who are not obsessed with coffee, the colorful smoothies, tea beverages and milk shakes are very appealing alternatives. For those who get a little hungry or simply want to enjoy their beverage with a tasty snack or treat, Barista’s offer both sweet and hearty snacks. Their brownies, muffins and cookies along with are to die for! But what the coffee shops are most known for (at least in my friends group!) are their delicious New-York-style bagels. You can go classic and order a simple cream cheese bagel, or get adventurous with peanut butter-banana, prosciutto-parmesan or salmon bagels. Some locations even offer breakfast every day plus a breakfast buffet on Sunday where you can truly enjoy as much food as you want. Check out the different locations and specific meus on their website.

I hope you liked my little recommendation and that you’ll soon enjoy a Barista’s coffee on your own. Please let me know if you do so – write a comment or tag me on Instagram – I’d love to see you try out things I recommend. Best, Stefanie


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