New: Coffeeshop series

Austrians loveee coffee. They even have a word to describe their love for meeting up in a coffee shop to enjoy some nice hot beverages and chat about everything that comes to their mind: Kaffeehauskultur. Considering this, it’s not surprising that Graz is home to numerous coffee shops you can find all over the city. Small, independent shops as well as big, international coffee shop chains offer a vast variety of coffee roastings and blends.

I, like many other students, love coffee. Sometimes it is the only thing that can get me to get up in the morning, or the only motivation to power through a long study session. What I love about coffee shops is the possibility to meet up with friends while enjoying some delicious hot beverage and some salty or sweet snacks. I also really like hanging out at coffee shops on my own, so I can get some work or studying done. Not only does working in a social setting really relax me, it also helps me stay focussed. On days I don’t have any lectures at uni, I sometimes feel a little stuck in my flat. Packing up my stuff and switching my study location to a public place is the perfect thing for me to do in these situations.   

Since I’ve been living in Graz for a while now, I discovered many coffee shops I really like hanging out at. This is why I thought I’d start a new project and talk about my favourite spots here on my blog. Once in a while, I’ll add a post about another coffee shop so in the end there will be a long list of places I recommend. I’m excited to start this project with my next blogpost!   

Grabbing some coffee with friends is one of my favorite things to do

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